Ignite with Danielle Stone exists because Women truly are the leaders of the future and they hold so much more power than they allow themselves to believe.

Danielle is a leader. She speaks goals, dreams in real life and isn’t afraid of failure or success. She is also empathetic. She understands how we all come from a different set of circumstances. Recent conversations with Danielle about my business development have left me walking away feeling more clear on my intentions.  How good does it feel when you’re crushing goals and you have someone by your side to cheer you on? Have you ever decided to make a positive change in your life or finally go after your big harry goals and find it stirs up your relationships, brings out nay sayers and jealousy? We all want to be our best selves and live our dreams, yet so few of us are. We fill our mind with stories about why we aren’t good enough or don’t have the resources we need to succeed. Danielle is someone who will encourage you to stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start living your dream. She will help you set clear, measurable goals and figure out exactly what it means for you to live your dream.

Traci S


I spent time speaking with Danielle last year and she gave me so many ideas, ways to map out my thoughts and directions. She was really inspiring and helped me open my mind to possibilities.

Nikki H


Danielle is inspiring, motivating and truly amazing. She has this special ability of making you realise your own worth and goals. A beautiful person both inside an out.

Taleah N


Danielle Stone is literally a balance of all career, health and wellness. After speaking with Danielle on several occasions, she really motivated me with my business. I highly recommend connecting with Danielle Stone – she is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. She will truly take the time to understand your needs and provide a personalised approach for you. If you can make it to one of her talks or events, I highly recommend it.

Renee F


A great leader and an inspiration to men and women around the world. She Really helped me define my goals and vision for my future.

Pascal W