Anxious About Anxiety? Here Are 6 Easy Tips To Help You Reduce Your Anxiety Levels.


Anxious about anxiety? Well I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. The truth is that 1 in 4 adults will have an anxiety disorder in their lifetime & although anxiety can affect both men and women its actually more common amongst women. Yet even though many women suffer from anxiety often times we don’t ever tell anyone.

So Here Are 6 Easy Tips To Help You Reduce Your Anxiety Levels.

1. Take A Deep Breath – deep breathing helps to trigger a relaxation response and instantly reduces stress levels. Inhale 6 / hold 4 / exhale 6

2.Say a Positive Affirmation – Saying something positive can help put things into perspective & also helps you trick your subconscious into believing it which in turn reduces anxiety levels. Remember what you focus on you attract. So why not make it positive.

3.Get Physical – regular cardiovascular exercise releases endorphins that lead to a reduction in anxiety. So get moving!

4.Make a Checklist – You are probably anxious because you have to much on the go. Visually writing out a to do list it order or priority is a great way to stay organised and reduce your anxiety. Ticking each item off as you accomplish the task instantly gives you a feeling of satisfaction and gratification and immediately reduces your anxiety and stress levels.

5.Do Something You Enjoy – Engaging in activities you enjoy helps to ease anxiety. So find what makes you happy & go do it!

6.Get more Sleep – Try going to bed a few hours early tonight. Having more rest allows you to think more clearly and feel refreshed. So before going to bed try to engage in a relaxing exercise such as listening to a guided meditation, or having a warm bubble bath. As I’m sure we can all agree nothing feels better than a good nights rest!

Lets face it, we all get overwhelmed and anxious from time to time. Its totally normal. However, being able to recognise when you begin to feel anxious and stressed is crucial. Upon recognition take a moment to stop and implement these 6 tips; and after doing so I guarantee your anxiety levels will be reduced. 

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