How I Manage To Satisfy All My Cravings & Still Stay Fit?


It’s a big misconception that to get your perfect body you need to deprive yourself. That just isn’t the case and I will say even I was guilty of that when I first started training almost a decade ago.

Everything must be done in moderation and balance –This comes down to the choices you make and of course some small sacrifices and modifications that once done over a period of time wont even feel like sacrifices and just become the norm. And believe me when I say this, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE food! Here are some small changes anyone can make.

Ex. – almond milk in your coffee instead or regular milk, Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, spiralled Zucchini instead of heavy pasta, H20 with frozen berries instead of a high sugar soda / juice, a healthy smoothie with frozen blueberries / coconut water & protein instead of a processed bought one with added sugars… the list can go on an on. So the next time you know you have that killer holiday feast coming up or your friends birthday, don’t feel like you have to say no. Instead balance out your week, make the small changes and of course keep your workouts regular and Enjoy the celebrations when they arrive.

Also if you have a favourite meal chances are there is a healthier way to modify the recipe. For me its TACOS & PIZZA! Always check online for healthier versions because sometimes they turn out even better than the original and the bonus is they leave you with the guilt free feeling after!

Overall when you choose to eat healthy this has a direct impact on your mindset. Start to make small substitutions now in your life and learn to create some balance so you don’t feel like you are pressured into saying no to that big delicious meal or night out.


-Protein source – Chicken breast with Mexican seasoning grilled in coconut oil

-Greek yogurt instead of sour cream – another great source of protein

-Romain lettuce boats instead of wraps

-Diced tomatoes, red onion, and corn all mixed together


-Cheese (or no cheese)

-Avocado for some healthy fats

And Enjoy

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