How To Turn Your Negative Thoughts Around

Start to pay attention to the negative thoughts in your head. We are all human and we all have them, and although it is difficult to completely eliminate them we CAN work everyday towards minimizing how often they occur through a simple practice. This practice is the power of “positive affirmations” and this little practice has truly changed my life.

I also just taught this to a close friend of mine who struggles with anxiety & managing a busy work schedule. This is how it works. Every time a negative thought arises learn to combat it immediately with something positive. A quick “No that will not happen” “however what will happen is ____, ____, and ____. (now fill those blanks with something positive) – ”The perfect time, the perfect place, with the perfect individual, or the perfect price.. etc”

Say it out loud or in your head a few times over. Even if you don’t fully believe the words you are saying you can actually trick your subconscious into believing its true by saying it repetitively. The more often you do it the faster your subconscious will pick it up.

Before you know it, your negative thoughts will become farther and farther apart because your subconscious knows and begins to develop a more positive mindset! As for my girlfriend, the negative occurrence she thought was going to happen didn’t’ even arise and now she finds herself having the ability to catch and completely put an end to any negative self talk just through positive affirmations. She now feels in control and has said the number of negative thoughts she previously had has almost been cut in half! This is a powerful tool, so start to practice the power of positive affirmations in all areas of your life. LOVE, BUSINESS, HEALTH, WELLNESS, and RELATIONSHIPS.

As I am living proof that they DO indeed work!

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