Fall in love with taking care of your Body. Mind. & Soul.

Your mind body and soul are 3 crucial areas of your being that keep you going in this crazy world. Everyday life throws at us challenges to overcome and these challenges will never stop however when you have a solid foundation in these 3 areas it starts to make everyday life issues seem small and less stressful.

But how do you build a better foundation, how do you fall in love with taking care of your mind body and soul? Well here are 3 easy things that I do in my life to take care of my Mind, Body and Soul.

1. Become more in-tune & mindful about your inner thoughts & judgements placed on both yourself & others.

As your inner thoughts often reflect the state of your outer reality. The more positive these thoughts are the more joyful your life becomes. When you learn to take control of your negative thoughts & start to counteract them with something positive every time they arise, you begin to really imagine all that you desire in this world you start to attract abundance into your life. So the next time you catch a negative thought or judgement coming up, really take the time to break it down and counteract your thoughts or action with something positive.

2. Always allocate some time to slowwwww down & quiet the mind.

Especially when you feel overwhelmed or have a big decision to make. Something as simple as taking 10 min before you go to bed each night and listening to a guided meditation can have a profound impact on your life. Coming from Someone who was pretty much born with a busy mind; in the past 2 years I now realise how crucial this point is for me. The 2 things I have learned I can’t go without in my life are 1. My workouts & 2. meditation. These 2 things balance me out and act as de-stressers in my life. Taking into consideration the term “meditation” can have different meanings for everyone. For some it may be eyes closed, candle lit, laying in shavasana & for others it may be a walk on the beach; but whatever yours is start to do it. For when the mind is still, your decisions & life become more clear. Areas it has affected me i I have started sleeping better, thinking more positive, am less stressed, & overall a happier healthier individual.

3. Find what Ignites your passion & pursue it.

We all have the power of choice! Mine is no different from yours. Don’t get sucked into believing the norms that society places on you. That 9-5 job, staying in one place or not moving around, etc. If you are feeling a little lost or flat lately, I encourage you to take some time to find what makes you tick; what really drives you. We all have something that gets us excited, or ignites our passion for living. Sadly, so many of us go through life not knowing what it is because we simply give into the societal norms and aren’t paying attention to the signs. So if this is you, and you haven’t quite figured out what your purpose is, begin to pay attention to the things that you are naturally drawn to, the things that unknowingly grab your attention; As they are often times connected to our Dharma or life purpose. When and if you do find it, what you may soon realise is that whatever this is you are probably not doing it enough. So make the conscious choice and start to do it & begin to make your choices based on your heart & not your ego. At the end of the day you will feel more fulfilled & awaken a happier version of you that you possibly never knew existed!

Hope these 3 tips have got you thinking a bit more about life and what you do to take care of your mind body and soul to become a happier and healthier you!

Much love – Danielle Stone