What’s a Third Place, & Why Is It So Important In Your Life?

A third place is not your home or your workplace. Its somewhere in between where you can go and instantly feel at peace. Often times third places are multifunctional. You can go there to relax and turn off, get the blood flowing, or are simply somewhere safe you can go to think or be creative. For many individuals their third place could be their favourite café, the beach, out fishing or sailing, at a dance studio, in the gym, at the spa or somewhere in nature.

I personally have a few 3rd places and this is one of them! Its known as Gordons Bay in Sydney and its quite possibly one of my favourite places in this beautiful and hectic city. I can snorkel, swim, read a book or simply chill out and meditate. When I’m here I instantly am overwhelmed with gratitude and experience positive feelings of being connected to the universe and in control of my life and whenever I leave I am in a better mindset than when I first came. My third place not only makes me happier but is crucial for helping me to maintain the balance in my crazy beautiful life.

Here are 4 reason why you need a third place in your life…
1. Third places take you away from work and home.

Since home and work are the two places you spend the majority of your time having a third place is great to simply get away and forget about work and home life and turn the focus to yourself. Taking the focus back to yourself is crucial to your mental wellbeing. Being in a positive mental state not only makes you feel good but also affects the type of energy you give off to others!

2. Third places serve as some sort of fulfilment in some way.

Third places can range from a variety of different places, for some it may be a coffee shop, the beach, a dance studio, out fishing or sailing, or even the gym. Whatever it is this is a place and provides some sort of fulfilment in your life. And we all know a side effect of feeling fulfilled is happiness. So why not got to a place you love and feel good?

3. Third places are always there when we need them.

Living and a world that is very fast paced and the demands keep increasing, more and more individuals are experiencing high levels of stress every day. Having a solid third place can help reduce some of this stress. For when you go there you can experience the 3 R’s. Feel Relaxed, Rejuvenated, and Refreshed.

4. Third places can help us become better decision makers.

Not only can a third place act as a place to escape but it can also be a place to go to when you need to make a BIG decision in life. Since a third place is somewhere you can go to feel relaxed. Instantly this place becomes safe grounds for you to really do something thinking about life. Taking some time to meditate, express gratitude, or walk through the options and choices in your head. In turn making you be more grounded and certain when it comes to making decisions in your life.

As you can see, having a third place is crucial to maintaining the balance in your life! So what are you waiting for? Discover your third place today!

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