How Multitasking Is Holding You Back From Achieving Success

To all my fellow multitasking Sistas out there LISTEN UP! – How many times have you sat down to do something very important and within minutes or even seconds you are up off your seat rummaging through the fridge, answering emails, or checking your phone and not getting any actual work done? Can you relate? I am a fellow multitasking queen however this use to be my life in a nut shell! When it came to getting specific and important tasks done I always seemed to procrastinate and find anything else I could possible do (including cleaning) to prolong doing the actual task at hand which has made me miss or come very close to missing several deadlines and fall short of achieving the success I wanted.  Well there is 1 thing that I changed that has made me significantly more productive and the answer is easier than you may think.

Several years ago I realised that multitasking was something that I was dam good at. I would even boast to fellow colleges or friends at how I could juggle this task and that task and still be able work 3 jobs, attend uni full time, and still fit in time for training. This was something I would be looked up to because… well, I was doing it all! But in all reality behind the scenes I was a anxious mess who was about to have a panic attack when it came close to any deadline. Then I began to realise that multitasking was always followed closely by procrastination. As the very thing I was good at being “Multitasking” was actually bringing with it buckets full of stress and anxiety that quite franky… I didn’t need. Somedays I would be seconds away from breaking down because I knew I had to rush off here, go there, or submit that. However after reading several personal development books and surrounding myself and learning from highly effective and successful individuals I realised that to be highly productive you should really choose to concentrate all your efforts only on a single major task at once without distraction or diversion. I was told to set aside a chunk of time necessary to complete the task, make sure that I ate ahead of time, and then sit down with my phone on “do no disturb” and keep it out of reach and eye sight. I know your probably sitting here reading this right now being like…. Ya gurl, how many wines have you had, because that’s just to easy?

But I really mean it. Oh, and just to be clear I’m not talking about multitasking on little daily items, because I’m still quite good at that! I’m talking about the big tasks that have deadlines. By preparing and forcing yourself to sit down and only focus on that task until its either complete or to a certain point is extremely positive. By doing this you will get the task done far faster than if you start it, stop it, and come back. Even though sometimes we want to break it up into several chunks… Its refusing to do anything else until the task is complete that can reduce the amount you spend on any major task by as much as 80%!

And here I thought I was the multitasking queen and even boasted about it at times but really it was the very thing that was stopping me from using my time more productively. So even though multitasking is a super power for several women, the important piece of the puzzle is knowing when to do it but also when NOT to do it. Focusing single mindedly on a task can actually make you a highly productive kick ass boss B*T#$. Don’t believe me? Just try it!

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