To the woman who hasn’t been herself lately… Loose the “itch”

As a child my parents taught me that I could do anything I wanted, they taught me to pursue what made me happy and supported me in every decision I made, they taught me that Dreams don’t “have” to be just dreams, But a reality. They taught me that the most important focus was simply… myself. As we grow older we quite often tend to lose that inner focus, as we get so caught up in the pressures of our world, and as a result move through life so fast missing our lessons and the things we are naturally drawn to along the way.

It’s not to say that sometimes these “things” that shift our focus are all negative, as several are indeed positive, such as having a family, building a house, choosing to dedicate your life to someone, or being devoted to your career…. All Amazing & Wonderful “things” but yet that inner focus is often lost.

Question is….  how do you get it back? How do you find that Balance? I figure life is way too short to spend it racing around trying to please everyone.  Everyone has something that they can look back on and wish they would have done… wished they would have grasped the opportunity. That opportunity that could have possibly led them on a different path. This is not meant to discourage you, for we all lead different lives, progress at different stages, and many may in fact be “happy” with everything that brought them to this exact moment. But ask yourself?  What’s that crazy journey you look back on and wished you would have done? Is it healthy living, is it school, is it love, spending your life with someone, or is it traveling? We all have something we wished we would have done …. but simply didn’t

Try this, For just a moment, let your world stop, and ask yourself, what makes you happy? Not your parents, not your friends, not your children or your spouse, what makes “YOU” happy?

I recently did this and I was quite surprised with my thoughts. I have always been that dedicated and driven individual who loved a challenge, and tried to grow up wayyyy to soon. My worry is that one day I wake up “with” a house, a family, a loving spouse, and a great career. All Amazing “things” but yet have this ich in the back of my head… this ich saying Wow, I wish I would have done that!

What I realised is that I DON’T want to look back at my life and “wish” I would have done that, gone there, or experienced this. I want to look back and say Wow! I did everything I wanted to do and then some! I’ll eventually get the house, have a family, marry the love of my life, while empowering women along the way but what I DON’T want is the “itch”. That constant feeling in the back of my head saying something’s missing.

What I’ve realised on my crazy journey is if something feels right, it usually is… things fall into place for a reason, so just go with it… don’t question anything, and see where it takes you… because it may just take you on that path… the path without the itch.

For in the end we only regret the chances we “didn’t” take, & the decisions we waited too long to make.

Loose the itch…