The Key To Finding Motivation

One question I’ve been asked is how I manage to stay motivated with my health… but the truth is I’m not. Motivation is not continuous, it’s more like waves. Sometimes it comes crashing in all at once over and over again and other days its flat. I will raise my hand high and say that I fall off the wagon like everyone else and get frustrated when I don’t see change as fast as I would like. But as I get older one thing I have learned is how to stay discipline whilst still incorporating realistic and sustainable health strategies into
my life. For I’m a girl who loves my food so anyone who knows me knows that I’m a firm believe in moderation. But it’s my strategies along with my sustainable routine what keeps me in check. When it’s all said and done I just want to be healthy, (mentally and physically) happy and inspire some women along the way. So my advice to anyone that wants to see change but is struggling to find the motivation is to start by creating a health schedule that’s realistic for you, set small goals weekly, and connect with people who inspire you and who have similar goals because lets face it positive energy is infections! Now you’re probably asking yourself what does she mean by realistic… well for one, if you are nervous to go to an open gym join group training. This will not only ease the nerves of training but will also connect you with other individuals who likely have similar goals to yourself. If you’re time poor get your meals shipped to you… heck, I do and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. I come home and its easy to open the fridge and open a healthy dish that’s ready in minutes. Now for anyone saying I can’t afford this…. ”Yes you can” it’s all about priorities. If you can afford that daily coffee or numerous cocktails on the weekend then you can afford to invest in your health. Because any money invested into yourself and your health is always well spent! So what are you waiting for? You honestly have everything you need right now to get motivated and succeed. Start by creating your realistic health schedule that suits you, set small goals weekly, and connect with people who inspire you and who have similar goals. You got this girl!

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