My Story

Danielle Stone Professional Shot

I exist because I believe Women are the leaders of the future and they hold so much more power than they allow themselves to believe.

I’ve always been passionate about helping others, particularly women. However it all started in 2015, the most challenging year of my life. Where I was forced to face some of lifes most challenging hurdles in under 9 months. As I went through the biggest breakup of my life, moved a total of 6 times (2 interstate), changed jobs 3 times, was in a car accident, was attacked and my face mauled by a dog, had my visa denied with 17 days to leave the country, and grieved the loss of my last remaining grandmother and my dog Lilly; all while being half a world away from my family and friends. However it was in this moment of pain discomfort, and depression that I realised your mindset it everything! … and little did I know at the time that this would one day all have an positive impact on my life.

Because, it was a year later that it dawned on me as to what I was put on this earth to accomplish and that was to share my story and teach, coach and inspire others how to shift their mindset into a more positive state to become the best and most confident version of themselves.

By providing motivational talks, mentoring, online support, tools and resources, women are inspired and empowered to become a better, more confident, balanced version of themselves. I do this by focusing on 3 areas that interact with one another; you cannot have 1 in isolation. Career, Health and Wellness.

As a result of working with me, women feel empowered to pursue what really ignites their passion, and as a result kick some BIG goals. Instead of buying into what society tells you to be, you’ll find your voice, love who you are and understand the value you bring to the world.  You’ll feel more confident and fulfilled in your life and be able to establish and maintain a level of self love and balance you felt you never had. You will know how to stand in your purpose and truly pursue what Ignites your passion.