The Key To Finding Motivation

One question I’ve been asked is how I manage to stay motivated with my health… but the truth is I’m not. Motivation is not continuous, it’s more like waves. Sometimes it comes crashing in all at once over and over again and other days its flat. I will raise my hand high and say that I fall off the wagon like everyone else and get frustrated when I don’t see change as fast as I would like. But as I get older one thing I have learned is how to stay discipline whilst still incorporating realistic and sustainable health strategies into
my life. For I’m a girl who loves my food so anyone who knows me knows that I’m a firm believe in moderation. But it’s my strategies along with my sustainable routine what keeps me in check. When it’s all said and done I just want to be healthy, (mentally and physically) happy and inspire some women along the way. So my advice to anyone that wants to see change but is struggling to find the motivation is to start by creating a health schedule that’s realistic for you, set small goals weekly, and connect with people who inspire you and who have similar goals because lets face it positive energy is infections! Now you’re probably asking yourself what does she mean by realistic… well for one, if you are nervous to go to an open gym join group training. This will not only ease the nerves of training but will also connect you with other individuals who likely have similar goals to yourself. If you’re time poor get your meals shipped to you… heck, I do and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. I come home and its easy to open the fridge and open a healthy dish that’s ready in minutes. Now for anyone saying I can’t afford this…. ”Yes you can” it’s all about priorities. If you can afford that daily coffee or numerous cocktails on the weekend then you can afford to invest in your health. Because any money invested into yourself and your health is always well spent! So what are you waiting for? You honestly have everything you need right now to get motivated and succeed. Start by creating your realistic health schedule that suits you, set small goals weekly, and connect with people who inspire you and who have similar goals. You got this girl!

The 5 Things Successful People Do Differently.

You and only YOU are the driving force behind your success. But yet the vast majority of us haven’t reached the success we would like to. I believe we are all able to achieve success. I believe every single one of us has the opportunity to grow into something we can be amazing at. We all have something that ignites our passion and that we’re really good at, yet most of us  aren’t doing it. The question is: are you structuring your life and work to have the right mindset, structures and daily habits you need to get where you want to be to achieve success. We’ll here’s 5 things that successful people do differently.

  1. They are comfortable being uncomfortable Everyone is good when we are comfortable but the second we go out into unknown territory we become uncomfortable and typically withdrawal back. The truth is, even the most successful individuals and leaders are not fearless. They have fears indeed but the difference is they are simply people who have practiced over and over again walking into their fear, to the point where they’ve started to become conformable in the unknown. Change is scary, I get it… but like anything it takes practice. Therefore don’t spend your life avoiding fear. Instead take 1 step each day towards something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Step into that unknown territory and train your brain to embrace this fear because I will assure you right behind it lies opportunity, growth, and reward. For everything you now find easy you once found hard. So remember she who rises the fastest has the greatest capacity and understanding of discomfort.
  2. They understand things are happening “for them” and not to them. Life challenges happen to every single one of us I don’t care who you are. We all have a sob story of some sort. The difference is successful people don’t blame external conditions for the crap hand life deals them. Instead they look at everything that’s happening to them good or bad as an opportunity to learn, grow and take them to that next pathway on their journey. So the next time you are dealt with a difficult hand ask yourself how can your turn your hard times into stepping-stones or a way to learn, grow and propel yourself forward. For it’s every adversity, every failure and every heartache that carries with it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit. Remember Life is not happening “to you”… it’s happening “for you”.
  3. They understand great rewards take time. We live in a world now where we want instant results, or instant gratification. But the reality of it is anything that’s worth while is never easy because if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Therefore if you want to reap the big rewards it takes energy, actions and the hardest part of all “time”. However 95% of people aren’t willing to wait that time. They create success goals, put in the bare minimum of effort, work at it for a bit but eventually loose all focus and motivation, and never end up achieving their goals or staying in the game long enough to reach their success. Successful people understand that great rewards are paired with time, patience, and persistence. They don’t give up just because someone told them they couldn’t do it, or because they had a bad week. Instead they stay focused, and remain patient because they understand that their current situation is not their final destination and that everything they are going through is only preparing them for what they asked for.
  4. They don’t get distracted. How often do you check your phone a day? is it the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning.  Or perhaps you’re listening to music or watching videos or even giving energy to a dramatic situation  that by no means benefits you. How many hours would you say you do this a day? 8 minutes here 25 minutes there. We’ve all been there, we scroll through facebook or  instagram looking for “likes” and the next thing we know an hour has passed.  Successful people are masters when it comes to eliminating any items that distract them or do not serve them. Doing so allows them to reserve energy to put towards creating and achieving their goals. So the next time you reach for your phone or involve yourself in a dramatic situation ask yourself if there is a better way you can be spending your time because I can almost always assure you there is!
  5. They train their brain to remain positive through the low periods. Now this one is by far the point I struggle with the most because lets face it; who likes to put a smile on your face when you feel like the world around you is coming crashing down. But the real difference with successful people is that their faith is always great than their fears. Therefore no matter what circumstances they come across they always manage to focus on the positive and the reason why they are there. They do this through a variety of ways like positive affirmations, visualisation and meditations. So they next time you are dealt a bad hand try to stop yourself from reacting, and instead focus on why you are there in the first place. Understand successful people focus on the positives and remember you are always in control because the only thing making you unhappy is your own thoughts. So change it and focus on the positives.

Let’s face it, to become successful you have to be willing to do what 95% of the population is not willing to do. In summary successful people are comfortable in the unknown because they’ve practiced it. They don’t play the victim because they understand things are happening “for them” and not to them. They comprehend that anything that delivers a great reward will always take time. They are masters at eliminating distraction or anything that doesn’t serve them and lastly they have trained their brain to remain positive even through the low periods. So If I can give any advice it’s that you and only you are the driving force behind your success. So ask yourself; Are you structuring your life and work to have the right mindset, structures and daily habits you need to get where you want to be to achieve success. Even if you focus on mastering 1 of these 5 things you will instantly becoming 1 step closer to success and making your dreams and goals a reality.

The 7 Things You Can Do To Help Influence Our Next Generation Of Girls

In a world full of unrealistic social media pressures our girls right now need us more than ever. Believe it or not you can play a BIG role in shaping the next generation of girls.

We all have a special young girl in our lives and they don’t necessarily have to be 10 years old either. Regardless of their age, they can be a friend, a family member, sister, niece, or the next door neighbour that looks up to you as being the “cool”  one. These are the girls that are watching, listening and learning from your every move. So why not shape the next generation of girls by setting the bar high and leading by example. Here are 7 things you can do right now to shape our next generation of girls. Number 7 is my favourite.

  1. Be body positive– I get it ladies, we all have insecurities with our bodies but poking and prodding at every bump, odd shape or roll in a negative light indirectly teaches our girls that they should be ashamed of they way they look. So the next time you’re around a young girl just EMBRACE and start to speak about your body in a positive light  Talk about how much you love your body, Go swimming in “just” your swimmers; yes; “no cover ups” and speak about loving yourself just the way you are.
  2. Start to acknowledge their strengths – Start to make a point to recognise the things they are good at. Give them verbal recognition along with encouragement to pursue what they love. By doing this you are subconsciously aligning them with their dharma or “Life purpose” while instilling confidence along the way.
  3. Talk about other girls / women in a positive light – Start to talk about women in a positive light, no matter who they are. But most importantly STOP the trash talking. Example: How many times have you been out for coffee and a woman walks by the group you are with and one of you starts to negatively talk about her. Maybe it’s, what she was wearing, or how she did her makeup. Regardless of what it was – put an end to this negative talk because if you don’t you are indirectly teaching the little ladies around you  that its “OK” to talk bad about other women. So start giving compliments instead of judgements.
  4. Teach them to speak up when something is not right – This includes saying ‘No’ and asking questions. This is one of the biggest problems our girls face today because throughout the decades us women were taught to be non-confrontational and people pleasers even if that means doing something we didn’t want to do. Therefore, make a point to teach your little lady that when something is wrong to speak up, ask questions and use that powerful word little word “No”
  5. Recognise how you let men treat you – Whether it’s your partner, or your colleague; how you let men treat you is imperative to our next generation of girls. If you are submissive and let them treat you like trash then that’s the kind of man they will subconsciously attract because you’ve just set the standard of what’s considered acceptable in a male partner. So start to pay attention to how your male counterparts talk to you, especially in front of your little girls. Most importantly be confident and assertive in every interaction with a male. Never let a male speak down to you and don’t be afraid to call them out and set the standard of what is considered acceptable for the little female eyes and ears watching.
  6. Talk about your failures and learn to laugh at yourself – The most successful people are typically the ones that are willing to fail fast and learn by their mistakes. No matter who you are you have failed at some point in your life and that’s alright. We all make mistakes and simply said, you wouldn’t be where you are today if you didn’t. Teach your little ladies that it is “OK” to stuff up but make sure you take away a lesson and when all things fail laughter is the best method to move forward.
  7. Teach them the importance of “Feminism” Make a point to educate them on what feminism actually means and begin to talk about the importance of equality and female leadership. For feminism by definition is: The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. This covers doing the same work for the same pay / reward, the importance of having women in positions of leadership, and not being afraid to speak up and have their voice heard for what they believe. I mean, you were born female so you might as well be on your own team right?

Doing these simple things is crucial for shaping our next generation of girls. For it’s our girls who are our future global leaders. So let’s set that bar high and lead by example and create the next generation of females who are strong as hell, know their worth, and are resilient beyond measure.

To the woman who hasn’t been herself lately… Loose the “itch”

As a child my parents taught me that I could do anything I wanted, they taught me to pursue what made me happy and supported me in every decision I made, they taught me that Dreams don’t “have” to be just dreams, But a reality. They taught me that the most important focus was simply… myself. As we grow older we quite often tend to lose that inner focus, as we get so caught up in the pressures of our world, and as a result move through life so fast missing our lessons and the things we are naturally drawn to along the way.

It’s not to say that sometimes these “things” that shift our focus are all negative, as several are indeed positive, such as having a family, building a house, choosing to dedicate your life to someone, or being devoted to your career…. All Amazing & Wonderful “things” but yet that inner focus is often lost.

Question is….  how do you get it back? How do you find that Balance? I figure life is way too short to spend it racing around trying to please everyone.  Everyone has something that they can look back on and wish they would have done… wished they would have grasped the opportunity. That opportunity that could have possibly led them on a different path. This is not meant to discourage you, for we all lead different lives, progress at different stages, and many may in fact be “happy” with everything that brought them to this exact moment. But ask yourself?  What’s that crazy journey you look back on and wished you would have done? Is it healthy living, is it school, is it love, spending your life with someone, or is it traveling? We all have something we wished we would have done …. but simply didn’t

Try this, For just a moment, let your world stop, and ask yourself, what makes you happy? Not your parents, not your friends, not your children or your spouse, what makes “YOU” happy?

I recently did this and I was quite surprised with my thoughts. I have always been that dedicated and driven individual who loved a challenge, and tried to grow up wayyyy to soon. My worry is that one day I wake up “with” a house, a family, a loving spouse, and a great career. All Amazing “things” but yet have this ich in the back of my head… this ich saying Wow, I wish I would have done that!

What I realised is that I DON’T want to look back at my life and “wish” I would have done that, gone there, or experienced this. I want to look back and say Wow! I did everything I wanted to do and then some! I’ll eventually get the house, have a family, marry the love of my life, while empowering women along the way but what I DON’T want is the “itch”. That constant feeling in the back of my head saying something’s missing.

What I’ve realised on my crazy journey is if something feels right, it usually is… things fall into place for a reason, so just go with it… don’t question anything, and see where it takes you… because it may just take you on that path… the path without the itch.

For in the end we only regret the chances we “didn’t” take, & the decisions we waited too long to make.

Loose the itch…

How Multitasking Is Holding You Back From Achieving Success

To all my fellow multitasking Sistas out there LISTEN UP! – How many times have you sat down to do something very important and within minutes or even seconds you are up off your seat rummaging through the fridge, answering emails, or checking your phone and not getting any actual work done? Can you relate? I am a fellow multitasking queen however this use to be my life in a nut shell! When it came to getting specific and important tasks done I always seemed to procrastinate and find anything else I could possible do (including cleaning) to prolong doing the actual task at hand which has made me miss or come very close to missing several deadlines and fall short of achieving the success I wanted.  Well there is 1 thing that I changed that has made me significantly more productive and the answer is easier than you may think.

Several years ago I realised that multitasking was something that I was dam good at. I would even boast to fellow colleges or friends at how I could juggle this task and that task and still be able work 3 jobs, attend uni full time, and still fit in time for training. This was something I would be looked up to because… well, I was doing it all! But in all reality behind the scenes I was a anxious mess who was about to have a panic attack when it came close to any deadline. Then I began to realise that multitasking was always followed closely by procrastination. As the very thing I was good at being “Multitasking” was actually bringing with it buckets full of stress and anxiety that quite franky… I didn’t need. Somedays I would be seconds away from breaking down because I knew I had to rush off here, go there, or submit that. However after reading several personal development books and surrounding myself and learning from highly effective and successful individuals I realised that to be highly productive you should really choose to concentrate all your efforts only on a single major task at once without distraction or diversion. I was told to set aside a chunk of time necessary to complete the task, make sure that I ate ahead of time, and then sit down with my phone on “do no disturb” and keep it out of reach and eye sight. I know your probably sitting here reading this right now being like…. Ya gurl, how many wines have you had, because that’s just to easy?

But I really mean it. Oh, and just to be clear I’m not talking about multitasking on little daily items, because I’m still quite good at that! I’m talking about the big tasks that have deadlines. By preparing and forcing yourself to sit down and only focus on that task until its either complete or to a certain point is extremely positive. By doing this you will get the task done far faster than if you start it, stop it, and come back. Even though sometimes we want to break it up into several chunks… Its refusing to do anything else until the task is complete that can reduce the amount you spend on any major task by as much as 80%!

And here I thought I was the multitasking queen and even boasted about it at times but really it was the very thing that was stopping me from using my time more productively. So even though multitasking is a super power for several women, the important piece of the puzzle is knowing when to do it but also when NOT to do it. Focusing single mindedly on a task can actually make you a highly productive kick ass boss B*T#$. Don’t believe me? Just try it!

The 3 Words That Helped Me Fight Depression!

You must make the “Choice” to take a “Chance” to see a “Change.”  these are the words that changed my life..

For those of you who don’t know a few years ago I was attacked by a dog and had the left hand side of my lip completely ripped off. After getting rushed into emergency surgery I remember waking up and being told by the surgeons that I would likely never be able to smile correctly again as the damage I sustained to the muscles and tissue in my face was much worse than they initially anticipated. I remember sitting there as the tears strolled down my face thinking to myself how awful it looked and who would ever find me attractive. The devastation I felt was gut wrenching and I can still remember it to this very day. Right after this I spiralled into a very deep and dark depression that left me clinging to my bed and completely unmotivated with life.

But it was one day as I was sitting in bed rolling in my state of victimhood and feeling like absolute trash that it dawned on me that I no longer wanted to feel like this and I needed to get my A$$ up and STOP playing the victim. It was that day that I started to make the necessary choice to change my life around. I started taking responsibility for my power or choice, saying positive affirmations, began to be more grateful for everything I had instead of focusing on everything I didn’t have and I began visualising being able to rip a BIG SMILE! I began to read more and educate myself, I started to ask more questions, displayed more acts of kindness, and I began to hold myself accountable for my own goals.

Now after several surgeries later and a few years passing my lip is almost fully built back to the way it was thanks to an amazing group of surgeons and overall I am so happy with where I am in my life. Its crazy when you realise you have the power to take control of your life and to change things around even in your darkest hour. Nowthis small part of my story is a great example of trusting in the universal process and and not being afraid of the 3 C’s in life! ~ After going through such a chaotic and depressing period in my life where I was at the lowest point I had ever been I was able to make the conscious choice to pull myself through the pain and depression and I am now fortunate enough to be sharing my story with other women and inspiring them to do the same in their darkest hours and I have never felt so fulfilled! ~ Overall, you ALWAYS have a choice no matter what situation you are currently in, so don’t be scared of the 3 C’s – CHOICE / CHANCE / CHANGE.

As often times the universe has a greater plan in store for us, and although you may not see the completed picture now in time you will be able to look back and connect the dots. Trust in the process of Choice Chance and Change because it may just change your life for the better!


What’s a Third Place, & Why Is It So Important In Your Life?

A third place is not your home or your workplace. Its somewhere in between where you can go and instantly feel at peace. Often times third places are multifunctional. You can go there to relax and turn off, get the blood flowing, or are simply somewhere safe you can go to think or be creative. For many individuals their third place could be their favourite café, the beach, out fishing or sailing, at a dance studio, in the gym, at the spa or somewhere in nature.

I personally have a few 3rd places and this is one of them! Its known as Gordons Bay in Sydney and its quite possibly one of my favourite places in this beautiful and hectic city. I can snorkel, swim, read a book or simply chill out and meditate. When I’m here I instantly am overwhelmed with gratitude and experience positive feelings of being connected to the universe and in control of my life and whenever I leave I am in a better mindset than when I first came. My third place not only makes me happier but is crucial for helping me to maintain the balance in my crazy beautiful life.

Here are 4 reason why you need a third place in your life…
1. Third places take you away from work and home.

Since home and work are the two places you spend the majority of your time having a third place is great to simply get away and forget about work and home life and turn the focus to yourself. Taking the focus back to yourself is crucial to your mental wellbeing. Being in a positive mental state not only makes you feel good but also affects the type of energy you give off to others!

2. Third places serve as some sort of fulfilment in some way.

Third places can range from a variety of different places, for some it may be a coffee shop, the beach, a dance studio, out fishing or sailing, or even the gym. Whatever it is this is a place and provides some sort of fulfilment in your life. And we all know a side effect of feeling fulfilled is happiness. So why not got to a place you love and feel good?

3. Third places are always there when we need them.

Living and a world that is very fast paced and the demands keep increasing, more and more individuals are experiencing high levels of stress every day. Having a solid third place can help reduce some of this stress. For when you go there you can experience the 3 R’s. Feel Relaxed, Rejuvenated, and Refreshed.

4. Third places can help us become better decision makers.

Not only can a third place act as a place to escape but it can also be a place to go to when you need to make a BIG decision in life. Since a third place is somewhere you can go to feel relaxed. Instantly this place becomes safe grounds for you to really do something thinking about life. Taking some time to meditate, express gratitude, or walk through the options and choices in your head. In turn making you be more grounded and certain when it comes to making decisions in your life.

As you can see, having a third place is crucial to maintaining the balance in your life! So what are you waiting for? Discover your third place today!

Fall in love with taking care of your Body. Mind. & Soul.

Your mind body and soul are 3 crucial areas of your being that keep you going in this crazy world. Everyday life throws at us challenges to overcome and these challenges will never stop however when you have a solid foundation in these 3 areas it starts to make everyday life issues seem small and less stressful.

But how do you build a better foundation, how do you fall in love with taking care of your mind body and soul? Well here are 3 easy things that I do in my life to take care of my Mind, Body and Soul.

1. Become more in-tune & mindful about your inner thoughts & judgements placed on both yourself & others.

As your inner thoughts often reflect the state of your outer reality. The more positive these thoughts are the more joyful your life becomes. When you learn to take control of your negative thoughts & start to counteract them with something positive every time they arise, you begin to really imagine all that you desire in this world you start to attract abundance into your life. So the next time you catch a negative thought or judgement coming up, really take the time to break it down and counteract your thoughts or action with something positive.

2. Always allocate some time to slowwwww down & quiet the mind.

Especially when you feel overwhelmed or have a big decision to make. Something as simple as taking 10 min before you go to bed each night and listening to a guided meditation can have a profound impact on your life. Coming from Someone who was pretty much born with a busy mind; in the past 2 years I now realise how crucial this point is for me. The 2 things I have learned I can’t go without in my life are 1. My workouts & 2. meditation. These 2 things balance me out and act as de-stressers in my life. Taking into consideration the term “meditation” can have different meanings for everyone. For some it may be eyes closed, candle lit, laying in shavasana & for others it may be a walk on the beach; but whatever yours is start to do it. For when the mind is still, your decisions & life become more clear. Areas it has affected me i I have started sleeping better, thinking more positive, am less stressed, & overall a happier healthier individual.

3. Find what Ignites your passion & pursue it.

We all have the power of choice! Mine is no different from yours. Don’t get sucked into believing the norms that society places on you. That 9-5 job, staying in one place or not moving around, etc. If you are feeling a little lost or flat lately, I encourage you to take some time to find what makes you tick; what really drives you. We all have something that gets us excited, or ignites our passion for living. Sadly, so many of us go through life not knowing what it is because we simply give into the societal norms and aren’t paying attention to the signs. So if this is you, and you haven’t quite figured out what your purpose is, begin to pay attention to the things that you are naturally drawn to, the things that unknowingly grab your attention; As they are often times connected to our Dharma or life purpose. When and if you do find it, what you may soon realise is that whatever this is you are probably not doing it enough. So make the conscious choice and start to do it & begin to make your choices based on your heart & not your ego. At the end of the day you will feel more fulfilled & awaken a happier version of you that you possibly never knew existed!

Hope these 3 tips have got you thinking a bit more about life and what you do to take care of your mind body and soul to become a happier and healthier you!

Much love – Danielle Stone

BEAUTY – What Does It Mean To You?

I am so excited to be working with miss Calsi Vice the owner of  from Manhatten, New York. Calsi previously worked in the fashion industry and was interested in the notion of “fake it ‘til you make it” that everyone implements in their lives. Since everyone hides the struggles that they face when trying to achieve success and only shows their story once they’ve “made it”, she decided to start a blog of her journey towards success. Where She Got It now serves to show young girls and women around the world that the journey to success is almost always a struggle and it is one journey that unites us all.

In our recent collaboration, together we explored the definition of what “Beauty” really is, and the impact social media and society has on it today; and here’s what has come out of it in my own words.

If you want to learn more about Calsi and to read her version of BEAUTY – What Does It Mean To You? visit her website at and be sure to check out her Instagram handle at: whereshegotit_

BEAUTY? – What does it mean to you?

You are fat, you are ugly, you have too many wrinkles, your skin is too dark and your hair colour is wrong…. If I were to say that to you … it seems pretty rude… right? Then why is it deemed “OK” when you say it to yourself? These are the messages that society blasts at women and young girls every single day across the world. You are not good enough, you are too big, have too many belly rolls and too many curves, oh and don’t forget that awful word all women hate to hear…. You have to much Cellulite GROSS.

Unfortunately, we live in a world now where the perception of “BEAUTY” is very skewed. Society tells us that to be “Beautiful” we must fit a certain size, have hair a certain way, skin a certain shade, and of course we MUST wear makeup to cover the imperfections. We live in a world where the number we read on a box we step onto, seems to determine how we feel about ourselves for the day. And let’s face it; these low moments of insecurity, every one of us has experienced them to some extent.

Today women and young girls are dictated to on a daily basis as to how we “should” look to even be deemed or considered beautiful. We live in a world where women are taught to be anything other than themselves. And the saddest part of it all … is that we buy into these messages and tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough.

This reality is devastating and it makes me sad to know that more than 90% of women who look in the mirror hate what they see looking back at them. It makes me sad to know that young girls at the early age of just 10 years old don’t like the way they look and they would rather look like the model they follow on Instagram. Every day we are facing this never-ending battle to always look better however it will never be enough, and we will never be enough. Yet we continue to consume ourselves by this idea of BEAUTY.

So what is “Beauty” exactly? If we were peel it back, really break it down, dissect it and eliminate all these extra factors that society has taught us to buy into like the fake tan, the fillers, the hair dye, the makeup, the hair extensions, the Botox, the nails, the eyelashes.… The list goes on and on… What are we really left with?

The answer my dear… is YOU…we are left with you, the raw, imperfect version of you. And let’s face it there is no other one like it.

When I initially sat down and had a talk to other women about what beauty really is and what I was going to write about I was told something along the lines of this “well Danielle” surely you can’t talk about beauty and self-love because you simply wouldn’t understand it; you are a size 10 and let’s face it you are beautiful” This really surprised me. Just because one woman perceived another woman as “beautiful” they automatically assumed that they don’t struggle with the everyday insecurities all women face. We all need to open our eyes to see that no matter who you are, or what size you may be, we are all affected by the definition of Beauty at some point in our lives.

We have ALL grabbed that piece of fat on our body and jiggled it around thinking to ourselves “I just wish this could just be cut off.” The truth is we all have insecurities no matter who we are or what we look like. And this idea of beauty affects every single female across the globe to a certain extent.

So Today I write this for all the women, young, old, thin, plus sized, short, tall, or ANY woman for that fact that has ever struggled to look in the mirror and say to themselves you are beautiful.

Because today I’m calling BULLSHIT on society’s perception of “Beauty”. This perception is not only wrong but it’s completely unrealistic. The social media lens magnifies this IDEA and puts significant pressure on not only women but our younger generation of girls all around the world to be shamed into believing that they are not good enough and they never will be. This false idea of beauty leads to a significant number of disorders both physically and psychologically while overall raising a generation that has lower self-esteem and self-confidence.

The truth of the matter is… Beauty comes in ALL different shapes and ALL different sizes.  From the thin, plus size, short, tall, ebony to porcelain skin, quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing, and all things in between. But yet it’s still not easy because society will continue to put beauty into a conflicting and unrealistic narrow box. So what do we do? What’s the answer?   If society isn’t going to change – we must. It’s time to start thinking outside the box, look in the mirror and find your unique beauty.

Because you have the power of choice to choose every single day to love yourself. So the next time you look in the mirror set aside the BS “societal expectations” and EMBRACE your imperfections as they may be the very thing that gets you noticed! Feeling comfortable in your own skin and truly loving yourself for who you are is so incredibly important. As beauty is what “YOU” define it, and throughout my journey I’ve learned that it’s so much more than skin deep.

True Beauty is showing kindness to others, having the heart to put someone before yourself and lifting others up when they are down. …but the epitome of beauty my dear is having the ability to look at yourself in the mirror without the makeup, filters, and touchups and genuinely say. I LOVE ME… FOR WHO I AM. and who I am “IS” BEAUTIFUL! ….. Now That’s beauty and its downright Beautiful!

Let’s redefine the global vision of BEAUTY and together create a generation of women that truly LOVE themselves for everything they are, and most importantly everything they are not!

The FU “BEAUTY Challenge:

We would love for you to participate in the FU challenge. This is an opportunity for you to stand up and say what beauty means to you and be proud of who you are. Here’s how you enter:

  1. Take a photo of yourself (no makeup, no filters, no touchups)
  2. Tag @Ignitewithdaniellestone & @whereshegotit_
  3. Write a caption of what makes you beautiful!
  4. Tag 3 of your baddest BOSS lady friends who inspire you

4 people will be randomly selected to receive a FREE 1 hour coaching session.

Entry must be submitted before August 31st 2017.

The winners will be announced the first week in September 2017.

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How To Turn Your Negative Thoughts Around

Start to pay attention to the negative thoughts in your head. We are all human and we all have them, and although it is difficult to completely eliminate them we CAN work everyday towards minimizing how often they occur through a simple practice. This practice is the power of “positive affirmations” and this little practice has truly changed my life.

I also just taught this to a close friend of mine who struggles with anxiety & managing a busy work schedule. This is how it works. Every time a negative thought arises learn to combat it immediately with something positive. A quick “No that will not happen” “however what will happen is ____, ____, and ____. (now fill those blanks with something positive) – ”The perfect time, the perfect place, with the perfect individual, or the perfect price.. etc”

Say it out loud or in your head a few times over. Even if you don’t fully believe the words you are saying you can actually trick your subconscious into believing its true by saying it repetitively. The more often you do it the faster your subconscious will pick it up.

Before you know it, your negative thoughts will become farther and farther apart because your subconscious knows and begins to develop a more positive mindset! As for my girlfriend, the negative occurrence she thought was going to happen didn’t’ even arise and now she finds herself having the ability to catch and completely put an end to any negative self talk just through positive affirmations. She now feels in control and has said the number of negative thoughts she previously had has almost been cut in half! This is a powerful tool, so start to practice the power of positive affirmations in all areas of your life. LOVE, BUSINESS, HEALTH, WELLNESS, and RELATIONSHIPS.

As I am living proof that they DO indeed work!

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